A major banking institution realized that although many customers inquired about new products, the conversion rate was too low.

After the sales staff attended our tailor-made negotiation workshops, they asked me to work with them in small functional teams. The participants all brought up real customer situations. In a series of sessions, both on the client’s premises as well as off-site, we went over the important issues related to the challenges they faced vis a vis their customers. The objective was to bring in new customers, ensure their satisfaction, and achieve higher profits for the bank.


The procurement department of a fast growing hi-tech company, could barely keep up with an increasing number of suppliers.

Later, I created a simple guide for the buying processes and procedures. We then formulated together a global purchasing strategy and a practical detailed processes based on which the procurement department could provide the best service for the benefit of the entire organization


A Pharmaceutical company looking to Increase the productivity of their sales reps scattered across the country,
serving drugstore chains and HMO’s.

Towards the end of the year they took part in a series of workshops in order to sharpen their skills, and use more sophisticated techniques to reach excellence in negotiations with major chains, and HMO’s.


A local broadcaster’s team of content managers were under pressure to lower costs of content bought from large studios around the world.

Their Content Department is highly experienced and knowledgeable in choosing the type of shows, films and series most adequate for their audiences, from large studios and other content owners. But they lacked the necessary business skills when buying and negotiating the terms. So we entered the picture and taught them
a more strategic and professional approach, leading them to achieve a significantly better performance.


A company risked failure when the deal of a lifetime became deadlocked.

I helped the client’s negotiating team prepare a new plan in advance of the next round of negotiations over a deal that was crucial for both sides. We worked closely all along the way. At the critical stages of the process, I personally took part in some of the meetings and discussions with the other party. The process had been stuck for quite some time, and I led them to a successful conclusion, far beyond the initial goals set by
the client. The final agreement combined price, terms, and conditions, which were formulated to everyone’s satisfaction by identifying the true interests and priorities of each one of the parties.

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